Install process

General pattern

You have many ways to install BUGS, this is the pattern of all processes

  • Create a MySQL Database
  • Make /uploads/ write-able (CHMOD 777)
  • Open /install/ in your browser
  • Create users
  • Create project(s)

From Softacoulous

  • Open your cPanel (in your web hosting website)
  • use the search engine: BUGS
  • Click on Install and follow instructions

From GitHub

  • Use the "Latest release" link
  • Copy the git deposit to your system
    • Windows:
      • make sure you have an apache server installed with PHP capabilities (EasyPHP for example)
      • download the zip file from GitHub
      • unzip the file to a new directory (which is reconnized by your apache server
    • Linux:
      • Copy the git link from GitHub
      • In Consol, goto the destination directory (the sub-directory will be made automatically )
      • Type "git clone (paste your github link here (Shift-Ctrl-V))
    • MacOC
      • Same as Linux
  • You may need to create a database in your phpMyAdmin (or Adminer ) if you manage the rights with high level of security
  • Open the new website ( ex.: )
  • You'll guided into the install process

From Docker

  • Install Docker on your system
  • Download <i>dockered</i> Bugs GitHub