The BUGS maintainers' history

2012-2014 : "Tiny Issue"

http://michaelhasselbring.com/" Michael Hasselbring

http://zachoover.com/ Zachary Hoover

http://suthanwebs.com/ Suthan Sangaralingham

That was the beginig, upto the version 1.3

2014-2017 : "Bugs"

http://michaelhasselbring.com/ Michael HSSELBRING

http://zachoover.com/ Zachary HOOVER

http://suthanwebs.com/ Suthan SANAGARALINGHAM

During that time, versions passed from 1.3 to 1.5

2017- (now) : "BUGS"

https://cartefoi.net Patrick ALLAIRE, ptre

https://afsoftware.fr/ Axel FALCK

During that time, versions 1.5 to actual